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I love you. Welcome Home Trooper. Love, John. If they didn't close schools or businesses or cancel major events and the flu did start a rapid spread, they would be hammered by critics for not taking any action.The WHO faces the same Catch 22 situation. If it had not suggested it could make a rapid and hugely deadly spread and it did, then they would be criticized for not raising the alert.It's so easy to blame structures in society for any health threat or overblowing a health threat to humankind.But in the end, the flu is a microscopic virus.It can't be governed or reasoned with. It can't be told to stay away from schools and public events.That's why it can be seen as so terrifying: Maybe humans can't really stand in its way, no matter how hard they try.In the end, it's the flu virus itself that can truly and accurately be blamed for any Cheap Nike Air Max 87 Red Outlet death and destruction it causes.Secondly, human beings need to come to grips with their place in the universe; they are subject to the same laws of nature that all animals are subject to.

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