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LOS ANGELES (AP) Cheap Nike Air Max 85 Women All White In the first investigation of its kind, federal transportation officials are reviewing whether Asiana Airlines failed to meet legal obligations to help the families of passengers after one of its planes crashed at San Francisco International Airport.Three people died and dozens were injured when Asiana Flight 214 clipped a seawall while landing July 6 following a trip from South Korea, where the airline is based. Law, Asiana was required to provide a range of services to family members of the 291 passengers, from the prompt posting of a toll free number to gather and distribute information, to providing transportation and lodging so family members can comfort injured loved ones.Congress created the rules in the late 1990s following crashes where airlines were roundly criticized for ignoring family members. However, the government rarely audits the plans to check whether airlines can deliver the assurances they make on paper, and an Associated Press review of documents filed by two dozen foreign airlines found cases in which carriers did not update their plans.Asiana plan was last updated in 2004.Jefferson Lee Perry, 69, of 490 Rosedale Drive, Greer, is charged with two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. He is accused of fatally shooting his wife, Barbara Ann Perry, and her brother in law, Donald Stephens, at their respective homes on Rosedale Drive in Greer on Nov. 13.

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